Work Hard, Rest Deeply: 5-Class Series


The Lowdown on this Multi-Class Series
Series Focus: To release tension, increase strength and balance and grow joy-producing thoughts.
Class Descriptions: - Class One: Legs
- Class Two: Hips
- Class Three: Core
- Class Four: Arms, Chest & Shoulders
- Class Five: Restorative
Props Utilized: - yoga mat
- yoga block (or large book or phone book)
- yoga strap (or resistance band, belt or scarf)
- 3-4 firm blankets
- chair
- bolster (or firm cushion),
- eye bag
Class Length: 40 minutes (20 minutes active asana, 20 minutes restorative and relaxation)
Recommended Class Progression: Do Class One 2 – 3 times before moving on to the second one, and so on through the series.
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